Connect with alumni in your area through Hoya Gateway, a new and innovative program for Georgetown students. Search through alumni profiles and select based on city, industry, organization, or career path. Meet in person for career guidance: either an informational interview, mock interview, or resume review. Expand your Georgetown network today!

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Meet with undergraduate student in person as they begin to navigate the professional world beyond Healy Gates. Hoya Gateway connects current students with alumni for a one-on-one career related meeting; either an informational interview, mock interview, or resume review, whatever you prefer or are most comfortable offering.

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Announcements and Updates

  • Congratulations to the new members of the Hoya Gateway Student Leadership Committee.

  • Hoya Gateway announces official partnerships with more than 30 student, academic, and alumni groups organizations.

  • Hoya is on the road. See you in Los Angeles, New York , San Francisco this summer.


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